How Do You Stop Growing Taller?


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As of 2015, there are no medical developments that can slow or completely stop a persons growth in height. Growth in height generally ceases sometime between late childhood and early adulthood.

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Boys typically reach their full height by age 16, and girls are fully grown by the age of 15, although additional growth is not unheard of. If a child is significantly past the typical growth age range and continues to show consistent growth, seek a physicians opinion immediately. In young men, it is a possibility that there is an excess production of the growth hormone due to a malfunction in the pituitary gland, which can cause unbridled growth in height as well as hand and head size.

While there are hormones to help to encourage growth, there are no known hormones to aid in slowing growth in adolescents. Home remedies exist for encouraging growth in young people, and it is thought by some that reversing these actions inhibits growth. These actions include things like getting more hours of sleep, drinking milk and stretching daily. Reversing these actions is not thought to be healthy and can lead to a deficiency of vitamin D. These actions are categorized as urban myths and are not backed by scientific research or recommended by physicians.

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