What Are the Steps to Give an Infant CPR?


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To give an infant CPR, first attempt to wake the infant by shouting and tapping the infant. If the infant does not respond, give 30 gentle chest compressions, open the infant's airway and breathe two breaths into the infant's mouth. Continue this process until emergency help arrives.

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  1. Attempt to wake the infant

    Before starting infant CPR, shout loudly and tap the infant on the shoulder. If the infant is not responding, place her on her back. Kneel next to the baby, and prepare to begin CPR.

  2. Begin chest compressions

    Give the infant 30 gentle chest compressions. Take your index and middle fingers and place them in the middle of the chest just below the nipples. Press down about 1.5 inches.

  3. Open the infant's airway

    Prepare for breathing by tilting the infant's head and lifting the chin. Be careful not tilt the infant's head too far back.

  4. Breathe into the infant

    Cover the infant's mouth and nose completely. Breath gently for one full second, and watch to make sure that her chest rises with each breath. As you are waiting for emergency help to arrive, continue the steps of conducting chest compressions, opening the airway and breathing into the infant's mouth and nose.

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