How Do You Start a Preschool Program?

How Do You Start a Preschool Program?

How Do You Start a Preschool Program?

To start a preschool program, you must contact your local government for guidance. The local government has agencies that deal with preschools and other private schools. Seek guidance on licensing and other legal requirements. After obtaining a license, prepare a comprehensive curriculum according to the specifications of your local department of education. Employ credible teachers, and start marketing your school.

  1. Contact your local government for guidance and licensing

    Local authorities have an agency that deals with opening of private schools. Contact them for a license to start a preschool. Request information and necessary literature regarding the regulations and laws concerning opening and operating preschools.

  2. Prepare a curriculum for your preschool

    Prepare a detailed curriculum program for your school. You can choose an established program and add other materials from other publishers. The curriculum must be in line with the regulations governing the provision of education. You can also create your curriculum so long as it accommodates the requirements specified by the local department of education. Your curriculum must have well-crafted lessons and differentiated goals, and it must be comprehensive for preschool learners.

  3. Hire teachers and advertise the school

    Hire one or more teachers to help you run the school. Research the necessary qualifications of teachers who are allowed to teach in preschools. Verify the teachers' educational background, and conduct criminal background checks before hiring them. Insure your facility, learners and the staff. Once you have everything in place, start advertising your school.