How Do You Start Potty Training?

How Do You Start Potty Training?

To get started with potty training, ensure your child is ready, give him ample opportunity to succeed, and be patient. Remember that potty training is a process, so it may take some time.

  1. Ensure your child is ready

    Getting started with potty training before your child is ready can lead to disaster. Watch for cues that your child is interested in using the potty, such as removing his diaper to be changed and showing an interest in adults using the restroom.

  2. Introduce your child to the concept

    Start by letting your child accompany you to the bathroom. Explain what you're doing, and gauge his interest. Then, purchase a potty chair for your child to use himself. You may place it in the bathroom, or you can put it wherever he spends most of his time.

  3. Make it a positive experience

    Potty training shouldn't be stressful. Remind yourself that nothing happens overnight and that your child will use the potty eventually. Show excitement when he succeeds, and be sympathetic when he doesn't.

  4. Watch for cues

    Pay attention to your child's cues. Often, you'll be able to tell when he needs to use the potty. He may go off by himself to do his business in private, or he may try and tell you when he needs to go verbally. When you see his cues, take him to the potty immediately.

  5. Be prepared for setbacks

    Every child is unique and potty trains when he is ready. If your child seems to be having trouble or is finding the experience too stressful, it's okay to stop and try again later. Keep in mind that major life events can stall progress. Moving to a new home, the death of a loved one or the arrival of a new sibling can all delay progress in potty training. If your child has recently experienced a life-changing event, take a break from potty training and try again when things settle.