How Do You Start a Nanny Service?

How Do You Start a Nanny Service?

Starting a nanny service requires looking into the legal process of running a business in your country or state and advertising to find nannies to work for you as well as parents who need childcare. This process may take several months.

  1. Determine what type of license is needed

    Find out about your state or country's regulations regarding nanny services. Contact the business licensing department, such as the business affairs or secretary of state.

  2. Develop a client application

    Use this form to collect information from caregivers and parents. Include the ages of children, number of children and special requirements. Include the number of hours a nanny is available and the length of employment.

  3. Create a contract

    Clearly state the agreement between the client and nanny service. Include the associated fee, based on the type of position, such as temporary, part-time or full-time. Get assistance from a lawyer if necessary.

  4. Advertise for clients and nannies

    Place advertisements online and in local newspapers for your nanny service, while also running advertisements to find nanny candidates. Advertise in local college newspapers to attract students in child education programs. Use websites such as Craigslist to get free advertising that reaches a wider audience.

  5. Interview nanny candidates

    Speak with candidates to assess their personality and examine their qualifications.

  6. Conduct a background check on candidates

    Conduct a criminal background investigation for the protection of your clients and your business.

  7. Place a qualified candidate with a family

    Set up clients with a suitable nanny, and collect your fee.