How Do I Start a Home Daycare, and What Steps Should I Take to Choose a Name?

How Do I Start a Home Daycare, and What Steps Should I Take to Choose a Name?

Starting a daycare service is a rewarding business idea. If you want to start a home daycare, you need to have the right skills and meet certain legal requirements.

  1. Research daycare needs of your community

    Make sure there is a need for child care services in the area in which you want to set up your daycare. Determine who your target audience is and how you can attract that audience to your daycare.

  2. Choose a site that is appropriate

    Decide whether to designate certain rooms of your home for your business or use your entire home. Check your state guidelines, and consider your personal preferences.

  3. Have a discussion with your family members and neighbors

    Discuss your plans with your relatives and neighbors before you start. Help them understand what is involved in a home daycare business. Assure them that you plan on taking steps to keep any irritation, noise or inconvenience to a minimum.

  4. Craft a creative name

    Choose a memorable, relevant name for your daycare. Make sure it is a kid-friendly name that easily attracts the attention of parents. Register the name according to your state's business registration requirements.

  5. Check on legal issues

    Contact the business licensing department in area to obtain the required licenses. Check all zoning laws and regulations.

  6. Obtain required training and certification

    Find out what types of training or certification you need, and apply for them.

  7. Set up the location with required equipment

    Select equipment and supplies, including toys, games, puzzles, bulletin board displays, tables, chairs, and arts and crafts materials. Make sure you get rugs, nap mats, a television and a DVD player.