How Do You Start the Adoption Process in New York City?


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The first step in beginning the adoption process in New York City is to choose an adoption agency. With more than 130 public and private adoption agencies in New York, choosing the one that's best for your family is key to the adoption process.

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Once you have chosen an agency, you can submit your application to adopt in the state of New York. Applications require information about your background, your family and your home to ensure that children are matched with the right parents.

Following the written application, applicants are subject to a home study. This series of interviews and meetings between the families and adoption agency determines whether applicants are prepared to adopt. If prospective parents complete the home study successfully, they are required to attend agency-sponsored training sessions that provide families with the information and support needed for successful adoption.

The next step in the process is to meet directly with a caseworker to find the child who is the right fit for the prospective parents. After matching the prospective adoptive family, the agency determines when the child is ready to meet. The visitation period, which can span a few weeks to a few months, begins with short meetings and progressively longer visits as the family and child adjust.

Once the agency sees fit, the child moves in with the adoptive family under agency supervision for a minimum of three months. The last step in the process is to complete the adoption in New York State Court. Once complete, families can contact adoption agencies as needed for postadoption support services.

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