How Do You Start the Adoption Process in MS?

How Do You Start the Adoption Process in MS?

To start an adoption process in Mississippi, contact the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) and submit an application. Individuals that adopt children with disabilities may qualify for financial assistance until the child reaches adulthood, notes MDHS.

Before initiating an adoption process, find out everything regarding the laws that govern adoption in the state. This will greatly increase the chances of a successful adoption, states Adoption Services. Below are some of the steps involved in the adoption process.

  1. Acquire information and submit an application
  2. Choose an adoption assistance agency carefully and submit an application online or in person. The application will be reviewed and eligibility determined.

  3. Attend training sessions
  4. Training sessions often take place on a weekly basis. Applicants are given important information and skills to help in making the relationship with the adopted child much easier.

  5. Allow for home study
  6. After the training sessions, the adoption authority is likely to send experts to assess the home in order to ascertain if the adopting family is able to care for the child.

  7. Placement
  8. At this stage the adopting family is allowed to meet the child and spend some time together. These visits typically increase before the child is finally allowed to live with the adopting family.