What are the stages of puberty?


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There are mainly five stages of puberty, according to healthofchildren.com. Stage one for both genders happens in the preteens, with internal changes taking center stage over external developments. Stage two starts in the early teens. The first external signs of change begin for both genders, including pubic hair, size and weight. Stage three happens in the early to mid teens, with external changes continuing to grow. Stage four hits around the same time, and continues sexual organ and body growth.

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Stage five hits in the mid to late teens for both genders. Boys reach their full adult height, pubic hair growth and genital size, with shaving becoming needed. Girls during stage five reach full height, are ovulating regularly, pubic hair is filled in and the breasts are fully grown. The age at which puberty begins can be wildly different between two individuals, and is affected by genetic factors, body mass, nutritional state and general health. In puberty, boys produce the hormones androgen and testosterone, while the girls produce estrogen and progestin. The hormones produced during puberty help to regulate the growth and function of the sexual organs. Hormonal changes during puberty alters the levels of acid in the skin, which encourages the growth of bacteria.

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