What Social Problems Do Teenagers Often Experience?


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Teenagers often have difficulty when it comes to maintaining close friendships, navigating their way through dating, and learning how to resolve conflicts in a mature manner. One thing that these all have in common is that they require a level of skill and patience that many teens simply do not have, thus making it more difficult to handle on their own.

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Forming and maintaining close friendships is often challenging for teenagers because as they age, their thinking matures and expands, making it difficult to deal with their friends who may seem to be moving in a different direction. In addition, most teens begin to form opinions on important issues, which can create a divide between them and some of their friends.

Dating is another challenge for most teenagers because they have increased levels of hormones running through their bodies. Not only do the hormones cause them to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, but often they struggle with issues like acne or weight gain due to the sudden chemical changes within their body. Although many parents talk with their teens about their expectations when it comes to dating, the responsibility to make good decisions belongs to the teenager. That alone can create an awkward social situation for any teen to endure.

Conflict resolution is a struggle for many teenagers because they have to learn to work with other people who may have different ideas and opinions, which means they must exhibit a level of skill and patience that they can only learn through practice. In the heat of the moment, during a conflict, this is often difficult for teenagers.

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