What Are Some Simple Art Activities for Toddlers?


A fun art activity for a toddler is crumple painting. The child dips a crumpled piece of newspaper in paint and uses it as a stamp on plain paper. Another simple activity is to trace the child's hand or foot on a piece of paper, then color it in.

A toddler does not have the hand-eye coordination that an older child does, so activities that allow messy, creative work are best. Finger painting is a popular activity for toddlers, and using a smock helps protect his clothes. Toddlers can smear paint of different colors inside a large Ziploc bag, allowing them to 'paint' without making a mess.

Under supervision, a toddler can place stickers all over a shoebox or empty milk carton. If an adult sprays a large baking pan with shaving cream, the toddler can trace shapes with his fingers.

Art activities are a good way to stimulate a toddler's mental and physical development. Using his hands and fingers on an art task helps develop his fine motor skills. A toddler focusing his attention on a task for several minutes is beneficial for his mental development and behavior. Seeing a piece of his art work proudly displayed boosts his confidence and sense of accomplishment.