How Do You Sign up for Childcare Training Courses?

How Do You Sign up for Childcare Training Courses?

Childcare providers can sign up for childcare training courses online or in-person through their local college that offers classes. These classes vary from basic babysitting coursework to required training for childcare providers working in day care and education.

Those interested in providing childcare services can start with babysitting classes available through the Red Cross.

  1. Find Red Cross classes
  2. Go to Click on the Training and Certification tab at the top of the page. Type in a city, state and ZIP code in the Select Your Location form. Select the category Babysitting and Child Care under the Select a Class Category form. Press the Find Classes button.

  3. Review the available classes
  4. Look over the available classes in the area. Pay attention to the descriptions, as some classes are intended for teens who are planning to babysit for extra money.

  5. Select and pay for a class
  6. Click on the Add to Cart button next to a desired class. Click on the Checkout button on the next page. Create or log in to a Red Cross user account. Enter the payment information and confirm to pay for the class. Look for an email from the Red Cross containing information about the upcoming course.