What Should You Write on a Daughter-in-Law's Birthday Card?


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On a birthday card for a daughter-in-law, express your joy and gratitude that she is a part of your family and convey your greetings, congratulations and wishes for her health and happiness. In addition to what the card itself may say, you can use a quote to reinforce your sentiments.

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Make your greetings unique by writing your message respectfully and lovingly and in a style that matches your daughter-in-law’s personality and preferences. You can also write a spiritual message in your greetings. Appreciate her thoughtfulness in spending time talking to you and in doing things for you. Also tell her that you think she has made a positive difference in your son’s life and that he made the right choice in marrying her. If you have grandchildren, tell your daughter-in-law you are proud of them, and thank her for the role she plays in their lives.

Set the right tone by using humor to describe your relationship with her. For example, write that the only complaint you have is that her love and care have made you lazy. Create an award that you think she deserves, and nominate her for it. Say that you would like to drop the “in-law” part of the relationship, as you love her like a daughter.

You can also use e-cards or social networking sites to convey your greetings. If you find it difficult to write your thoughts in your own words, you can quote from a variety of messages available online.

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