What Should Go on a Newborn Baby Checklist?


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Items that should go on a newborn baby checklist include diapers, a diaper bag, baby clothes, bottles and bath mitts. The parent's primary responsibilities with a newborn are clothing, feeding and moving the baby, so most checklist items should focus on those needs.

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What Should Go on a Newborn Baby Checklist?
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Diaper types include cloth and disposal. Preferences vary depending on the parent. Cloth diapers typically end up costing less, while disposal diapers are more convenient. Babies use between 10 to 12 diapers per day.

Diaper bags are available in a variety of sizes. Smaller diaper bags allow the parent to use her hands for other tasks, such as holding the baby. Backpack-style diaper bags are another option to keep the hands free.

Clothes should be soft but durable. Babies grow quickly, so parents should buy larger clothes than necessary or have larger clothing ready. Clothes with strings or tassels present a choking hazard.

Bottles are necessary whether the mother chooses to breastfeed or use formula. Parents should have six to 12 bottles and a nipple for each bottle. A standard newborn bottle size is 4 ounces, but babies usually move on to larger bottles quickly.

Parents use bath mitts to bathe the baby, although washcloths are another option. Parents should wash their baby two to three times per week, in a baby tub or any small tub of water.

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