What Should an Infant Classroom Look Like?


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According to PBS, an infant classroom should have a wide variety of materials available, since babies explore using all of their senses to learn about the world. It should have a calming neutral-colored background to prevent over-stimulating little ones. Ideal classrooms offer children many kinds of easily accessible ways to explore. A highly functional infant classroom should give tiny tots plenty of child-directed opportunities to see and touch freely.

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An infant classroom may contain an assortment of colorful toys, books and props. A daily schedule should be posted on the wall to assist with routines. The classroom should also be safe yet stimulating to the babies' senses. Platforms, lofts, recessed areas, low walls and canopies provide a variety of age-appropriate activity areas. Having lots of natural sunlight coming in from windows gives infants a visual connection with the outdoor environment. Comfortable rocking chairs or hammocks should be available to offer soothing comfort to infants who enjoy cuddling with caregivers. Infant classrooms need properly stocked changing tables in well-ventilated areas. Also, a small refrigerator for storing formula and medications should be on deck. Cubby areas to hold diaper bags and personal belongings will prove convenient for parents in an infant classroom.

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