What Should Be Included in a Printable Baby Checklist?


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A printable baby checklist should include both items the baby will need straight after birth, which should be taken to the hospital, and the things the baby will need when coming home for the first time. Details vary from family to family, but there are some basic essentials.

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Things to keep baby dry and warm, hygiene essentials, food and somewhere for the little one to sleep are the main basics every baby needs. These can be supplied in the form of clothing and blankets, diapers of some description, wipes or access to water, supplies to enable mom to breastfeed or formula and bottles, and a crib or bassinet. Many modern parents also require some form of transportation for the baby, whether that is a sling or the latest car seat.

For a more detailed breakdown of items that are good to have, there are many downloadable printable lists online. However, some of these are associated with commercial companies, and these are often likely to recommend products that may not be really necessary. Vertex42, an Excel advice website, offers downloadable templates for several versions of a baby checklist. These have the advantage of being easily amendable to suit the personal circumstances of the parents.

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