Should the Government Provide Daycare Centers for Working Parents?


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The topic of government-provided childcare is a controversial one, with outspoken proponents on both sides of the debate. Reasons used to support the idea include the high costs of childcare, potential workforce growth and fewer worker absences due to childcare issues. Reasons used to negate the idea include government overreaching and expenses.

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According to the Pew Research Center, parents spend more than 7 percent of their annual income on childcare. In fact, childcare costs are so high that the center estimates that they are a major cause for the rise in mothers who choose to stay at home. Proponents of government-funded childcare hold that alleviating parents of childcare expenses would allow more people to return to or enter the workforce. This is particularly of interest to those who have concerns about individuals who utilize welfare funds and have been unable to seek full-time employment due to high childcare costs.

Some employers report that childcare issues often disrupt the daily work activities of employees and believe that government-funded childcare can help alleviate this issue. Those who argue against government-funded childcare raise concerns about the costs, and many believe that it is unfair for the government to tax private citizens for the care of children that are not their own.

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