How Should You Divide Household Chores?

According to the Huffington Post, household chores should be divided in a marriage, and by extension a relationship, equally regardless of perceived gender roles. The source reports on a study by Sex Roles that shows that relationship satisfaction is greatly impacted by the way both parties in a relationship feel about the manner in which chores are divided.

Participants in the online study were given a series of questions that measured their cognitive egalitarianism and behavioral egalitarianism, or how they perceive male and female household responsibilities and how those responsibilities are actually divided, respectively. The findings of the study suggest that objectively fair chore division is paramount to a satisfactory marriage. Similar to many other marital subjects, the success or failure of chore division comes down to healthy and open communication early on. Couples are encouraged to openly discuss who they believe should be doing what and to openly discuss who believes which gender should play which role in the execution of the chores. If there is to be no division based on gender, the couple should discuss and ensure that this is agreed upon early so that future miscommunication and mishaps are less likely to occur. Ideally, both husband and wife should share equal portions of the burden.