What Should You Consider When Disaster Planning for Your Family?


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When preparing for a disaster, Ready.gov recommends considering the specific needs of each member of the household and how to communicate information in an emergency situation. Each person in the home should have a specific plan in the event of an emergency.

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When creating a disaster plan, consider where each member of the family may be when the situation arises. For instance, parents may be at work, and children may be at school. Learn the emergency plan of any relevant organizations to reduce the risk of confusion during an emergency. For example, day care centers, schools and churches typically have a plan in place in the event of an emergency.

If a person in the home has special needs, consider how to meet those needs in an emergency. Include infant formula, medications for elderly household members and a backup power supply for medical devices in the family's emergency supplies. Anyone with a service animal should include the animal in emergency plans and store several day's worth of food for the animal. Those in the home with special dietary needs should consider storing a supply of the required foods.

Arrange transportation to a local emergency shelter beforehand if the household does not have a personal vehicle or if someone in the household requires medical assistance during transport. Consider making an emergency plan with neighbors or nearby relatives to ensure everyone reaches safety if transportation is an issue.

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