How Should You Choose Summer Activities for Teens?


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To choose summer activities for teens, include a balance of downtime, recreation and learning. According to HomeRoom, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education, this balance provides stress relief from the school year while providing healthy fun and family time.

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From designating certain days for sleeping in late to researching local academic camps or mentoring programs, teens enjoy a mix of relaxation and academic rigor during the summer break. Florida Today suggests that parents communicate with teens about recreational preferences and set expectations about the time spent with family and friends. It is also wise to set limits on electronic devices, television and video games.

There's no reason to exclude the beach, park or movie theater as part of the summer activities for teens, but it's beneficial to set some type of structure without adding pressure. HomeRoom explains that a summer job or mentoring other students could be an excellent inspiration for college and career goals. Giving teens an active role in planning family vacation activities and schedules is a great way to engage them as part of the family with a mature responsibility. Whether trying to choose between camp or activities at home, the main thing is to provide teens with ample options for downtime and structure.

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