What Does a Seven-Month Old Fetus Look Like?

Although not considered fully developed for life outside the womb, a seven-month-old fetus looks very much like a baby on ultrasound images. In the middle of the seventh month, the fetus measures around 39 centimeters long and can weigh over 2.5 pounds.

During the seventh month, the fetus begins to fill out, acquiring a plumper look as fat is deposited beneath the skin. The baby also begins to take deeper breaths, and some internal organs finalize development. On the exterior, the baby has an epidermis, recognizable facial features and has long since developed all appendages. Some babies even have hair on their heads by the seventh month. The baby's head may also be growing as the brain develops, and bones are continuing to form, so BabyCenter.com says calcium intake continues to be an important issue for mothers in the seventh month.

As the seventh month is completed, the baby may begin moving into position for delivery. This means that the baby shifts so the head is pointing down. All pregnancies and fetal developments are different. According to sites such as BabyCentre.co.uk, all babies develop differently, so these statements only provide a general idea about how a fetus develops in the seventh month.