How Do You Search for a Person Using Her Maiden Name?

search-person-using-her-maiden-name Credit: John Wildgoose/Caiaimage/Getty Images

An individual can be searched and found by her maiden name using public information records. Searches performed using the woman's maiden name provide a listing of potential matches. A new search can then be performed using the woman's current name.

Married women commonly change their surnames to those of their husbands following marriage. However, major life events of each individual are recorded and maintained as publicly available documents through the Freedom of Information Act. These include birth, marriage, death and criminal records. This record trail allows a married woman to be discovered using her maiden name.

The woman's maiden name must be combined with other information to ensure accurate identification. This includes the woman's age, date of birth and any known addresses, cities or states of residence. The public record search results provide a listing of all women who match a given search criteria. More identifying information can help to narrow the search results to the right person.

A married woman can alternatively be found using information from her family members. Birth records link parents with children and siblings, allowing direct discovery using a maiden name. This tactic can be useful if the name used for the search is not the woman's legal name on record.