How Do You Search for Your Birth Mother?


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Ways to search for a birth mother include asking the adoptive parents or the adoption agency for information and joining an adoption registry. In addition, searching for a birth mother can include using Web searches or reviewing social media for information about her.

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To find a birth parent, a person can gather information from adoptive parents, such as the birth mother's name and the location of the adoption. An adoptive parent might know personal information about the birth parent or he might have a birth certificate that contains the birth mother's personal information. In some cases, the adoption agency might release information about a birth mother, especially if the mother is looking for her child. Extended relatives might also have information about the adoption and might offer information more readily than adoptive parents.

Another common way to find a birth mother is using a reunion registry. People affected by adoption can join a registry and offer information about the dates, locations and individuals involved in an adoption. If the birth mother searches or joins such a registry, the child can find her through an adoption reunion database. In addition, if a child knows the date, time and location of her birth, she can go to the appropriate county courthouse and review birth records until she locates the correct record.

Many search engines offer free or paid searches for information if a child knows any information about her birth mother. Social media also offers a way to search for a birth mother if the child has any personal information about the mother. When searching, it is important to remember that often information the child believes is true about the birth mother turns out to be incorrect.

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