What Is a Sample Letter of Recommendation for Adoption?

A sample letter of recommendation for a couple hoping to adopt a child should be honest and positive. It should include an explanation of the relationship between the couple and the person writing the letter, a description of the couple's attributes that make them suitable adoptive parents, any detrimental information regarding their suitability as adoptive parents and a forthright recommendation that the couple be given the opportunity to adopt.

LettersofRecommendation.net offers several templates to use in writing a letter supporting a couple's attempt to adopt a child, including specific letters designed to support couples who already have children, single mothers, religious couples and potential foster parents. Found Letters offers another version of a letter of recommendation regarding adoption.

Adoption.org points out that prospective adoptive parents typically need three letters of recommendation in their adoption agency files. Letters should be positive, as negative comments can influence an adoption case worker to deny the adoption request. Adoption agencies particularly want to see comments about the couple's involvement in their community and about character traits that indicate they will be good parents. Sometimes adoption agencies ask those recommending the couple to fill out surveys about the couple instead of or in addition to the letters of recommendation.