What Are Some Sample Daycare Policies?


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Daycare policies typically include information on enrollment, tuition, meals and any parental involvement. Each daycare sets its own policies, although policies usually cover similar topics, and then the daycare has parents sign a contract agreeing to these policies.

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Enrollment policies cover the forms parents must fill out to enroll a child, along with any registration fees and security deposits. Some daycares require an interview with parents and their children before enrollment. They may also have a trial period to ensure that the child is a good fit for the daycare.

Tuition policies include information on the tuition amount, when parents must pay and what that tuition covers. It also provides information on late payment fees and any other consequences for late payments.

Meal policies stipulate the amount of meals and snacks that the daycare provides. In some cases, the policy includes the time periods for each meal. Daycares typically only feed children during meal and snack times, so children that arrive after a meal don't get to eat that meal.

Daycares may allow certain types of parental involvement, although it's not required. Common ways for parents to be involved in their children's daycare include providing snacks or coming in to talk about their jobs. Parents must get the daycare's approval first.

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