What Are Some Safety Tips for Children?


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Children should check with parents before talking to or accepting something from a stranger. They should use the buddy system when walking home from school and tell an adult about anything that makes them feel unsafe. Other children's safety tips pertain to telecommunications safety and bullying.

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Children should ask for permission before posting photos of themselves or their friends online. They should invite their parents to go online with them, and let their parents know if they see something that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If someone online asks to meet a child in person, she should tell her parents immediately.

A child who is old enough to drive should avoid texting while driving, waiting until the car is stopped before checking or answering a text message, or having a passenger respond to the message. Young drivers should avoid having complex or emotionally intense conversations while you are behind the wheel.

Children should deal with bullies by avoiding places where they hang out, ignoring them or leaving their presence. A child who's having trouble dealing with a bully should talk to a parent or trusted adult immediately. If the bully has violated the child physically, the adult should not to use the child's name when discussing the situation with officials.

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