What Are Some Safety Facts for Kids?


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As of 2013, the leading cause of death for infants within the United States was suffocation, whereas the most prominent cause of death for children age 1 to 4 was drowning, and motor vehicle accidents for children age 5 to 19. Other frequent sources of death in children include fires, poisoning, falls and natural causes within the environment.

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What Are Some Safety Facts for Kids?
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The same year, 118 children died from bicycle injuries, the majority of which were between the ages of 15 and 19, with 89 percent of the fatalities being boys. A child who rides with a companion or adult who wears a helmet is far more likely to wear a helmet himself. Using a helmet is the most effective way to reduce bicycle-related injuries and fatalities.

Each year there are approximately eight deaths and 3,300 injuries among children age 5 and under due to falls from windows. Window guard distribution programs in Boston and New York City led to a 96 percent reduction of window falls in a decade.

Accounting for 28 percent of toy-related injuries in children under age 15, nonmotorized scooters lead to the most reported incidences of injury due to a toy. Many injuries related to toys happen to the face and head. However, swallowing button batteries leads to more serious injuries in minimal time. Button batteries can stick in a child's throat. Saliva activates an electrical current in the battery that results in a chemical reaction, thereby burning a person's esophagus.

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