What Are Some Safe Options for Online Teen Chat?


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To provide safe online chat for teenagers, only allow them to use kid-safety chat systems that are carefully monitored by adults. Also discuss the importance of being safe on the Internet and what should and should not be allowed.

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A good online chat system for kids and teens is provided by Kidzworld. This is a completely safe and friendly environment. There are strict rules that all users must abide by. If they don’t, their accounts are removed.

Kidzworld is good for teens who want help with homework, to talk after school or to talk about life over the weekend. The rules include not bullying or being mean to others, not exchanging personal information like addresses and phone numbers, and not sharing websites to get the users to follow them to an unsafe chatting system.

Another important factor to providing a safe chat for teenagers is to teach them about the importance of being safe online and show them what is and is not allowed. Don’t let them give information they would not want the public to have. Make sure they don’t make arrangements to meet someone alone in person that they met in a chat room. They should also not reveal their home residence or location.

Make sure they choose a neutral name in the chat room that doesn’t say their real name or give away personal details. If a topic becomes uncomfortable, they should feel comfortable with leaving the chat room.

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