What's a Good Way to Make a Family Tree?

The best and easiest way to start to make a family tree is by signing up on a genealogy website, like those provided by Ancestry or MyHeritage. These websites contain many resources for research, such as census results, birth records, death certificates, marriage certificates, and newspaper clippings. You can use this information to build your family tree, which you can save on those websites.

Some genealogy websites are free while others have a subscription cost. Ancestry's subscription cost is $20 per month for United States records only, or $99 for six months, while MyHeritage costs $9.95 per month, as of 2015. They are the two most highly rated genealogy websites, but Ancestry has 15 billion records, while MyHeritage has only 5.7 billion, possibly making Ancestry worth the higher cost.

These websites are great for genealogy, which is the study of tracking ancestors' birth, marriage, and death records as far back in history as possible. However, these websites are not complete. You may have to go to your local library or records office if the information you need is not in an online database. The study of your own family history, which includes the personal history of your ancestors and extended family, may take you elsewhere as well.