What Is the Role of a Night Nanny?

A night nanny ensures children are settled for an evening and observe a bedtime routine. A night nanny carries out functions such as feeding the children and engaging them in activities such as storytelling.

A night nanny typically comes to the home during the evening, stays throughout the night and leaves in the morning. They observe the evening routine, ensuring the children go to sleep and watch them over the night. They also get them up in the morning and provide them with breakfast. Families who use night nannies often enjoy a good night of sleep or enjoy the opportunity of having the whole night out without worrying about their kids.

The night nanny is a childcare expert who assists parents in implementing an evening and night time routine. They feed and change babies, organize and iron baby clothes and sometimes provide professional advice and support. Night nannies also provide busy guardians with confidence that their children are safe and happy.

Night nanny’s fees vary depending on roles and responsibilities. Some are paid on an hourly basis depending on children’s age and sleeping routines, while others are paid depending on the child’s waking rate. Moreover, the perfect night nanny should have an extensive experience with child care.