How Do You Respect Your Parents?

respect-parents Credit: Clarissa Leahy/Cultura/Getty Images

Speaking to your parents in a respectful tone without shouting or being harsh with them is a way to respect them, according to List Dose. It is also respectful to use proper manners when communicating with your parents, such as saying "please" and "thank you."

Showing gratitude to your parents is another way to show respect. Since parents often go out of their way to make their children's lives as comfortable as possible, saying thank you and showering parents with gifts and compliments are signs of respect.

Respecting the ideals and principles you were taught as a child and exhibiting them in your adult life is another way to show your parents respect. This indicates that you value the lessons you were taught and that you trust the sound judgment of your parents. Speaking to your parents in a respectful tone in front of others and refraining from saying things that would embarrass them also shows that you respect them.

You can also show respect for your parents by exhibiting care for them. This can be as simple as calling them often to see how they are doing, extending affection toward them regularly or buying them elaborate gifts for birthdays or other holidays.