What Are Some Resources for Troubled Teen Runaways?

What Are Some Resources for Troubled Teen Runaways?

The resources available for troubled runaway teens depend entirely on where the teen is located. Urban areas are more likely to have more resources while rural areas often have fewer resources. Call the national teen runaway safeline at 1-800-RUNAWAY to find resources closest to a location.

Teens run away from home for a variety of reasons and for various lengths of time. Most often, teens will return home between 48 hours and two weeks. These teens often have their needs temporarily met. For those who do not or cannot return home, however, resources are needed to help them survive.

Some urban areas have shelters for teens where their needs are met short term and staffers help the teens develop a longer-term plan. Some shelters offer intermediary services to try to help the teen reunite with family and work out the problems that caused the teen to run away.

The national teen runaway safeline has information about resources across the country, including shelters, soup kitchens and acquiring work. The safeline also has resources to help prevent running away by equipping teens to deal with home problems.

Band Back Together is a online resource for teens to find support and help when considering running away or having already run away. These include dealing with abuse in the home, having a safe forum to share stories, getting support from others who have considered running, and finding local resources once relocated. The site is dedicated to meeting the emotional needs of teens and helping them find ways to meet their immediate practical needs.