Does Researching Land History Help in Studying the History of a Family, Locality or Property?


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Researching land records provides a list of known owners of a parcel of land or a piece of property. Land records also reveal the exact size of a piece of land and whether or not the size of the property was ever altered.

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Additionally, building records state if a piece of property on land was built or altered and by whom. All of this information is useful in ascertaining when a family came into ownership of a property. In researching family history, this provides the researcher with confirmation of when a family moved to a specific location. Once this is known, address and public records searches glean further interesting facts about the history of that location and its occupants. Such searches reveal marriages, births, deaths and anything newsworthy that happened at the property while the family occupied it.

It is not uncommon for those researching their ancestry to conduct land records searches. It is also common to search land records when there is a dispute about who owns the property or where property lines are drawn. Searches of land records of parcels that transferred from federal to private ownership are available through the website of the National Archives at Archives.gov.

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