What Are the Requirements to Adopt a Child in Virginia?

What Are the Requirements to Adopt a Child in Virginia?

Those considering adoption in the state of Virginia are required to be at least 21 years of age, tohave adequate space for the child and to befinancially capable of caring for the child. Every adoption requires a home study, anextensive interview and abackground check of every member within the household. Anyone in the home that is 18 years or older is subject to a criminal background check and must undergo fingerprinting.

During the extensive interviewing process, questions about job history, family history, parenting skills, childhood and any other life aspects may be questioned.

International adoption within the state of Virginia is subject to the child's country of origin's requirements. Each country has its own criteria for adoptive parents to meet and documents that must be provided, signed or notarized before the adoption can take place.

Depending on the adoption agency, adoptive parents may need to meet certain requirements, such as a recent physical exam establishing good health, an assessment showing the couple's relationship is stable andrecent tax documents for past several years to prove financial responsibility.

At the beginning of 2013, there were over 4,302 children in foster carein Virginia, with1,181 available for adoption, but only 346 children had been placed with preadoptive parents, according to Adopt Us Kids.