How Do You Recognize and Reverse Potty Training Regression?


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Recognize and reverse potty training regression by understanding what is happening, identifying the root issues, and using reminders and rewards to encourage further potty training. Getting overwhelmed or stressed by the regression can make potty training harder for the child.

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  1. Understand what is happening

    The younger a child is when he begins potty training, the more likely he is to have setbacks, which is not actual regression. Also, children who wait until the last minute and have an accident because they did not make it to the toilet in time or children suffering from constipation or a urinary tract infection who do not want to go because it hurts, are not in regression.

  2. Identify the root issue

    There are a lot of things that can cause a child to have potty training issues. Stress or big changes at home or school are factors in some instances. Asking the child why he does not want to go to the potty can help you identify the problem.

  3. Use reminders and rewards to get the child back on the right track

    Several tried-and-true methods for initial potty training also work when dealing with regression. Remind the child to go potty often, especially if you see signs that he is holding it, and give him a small reward each time he is successful. Regularly scheduled potty breaks can help a child learn a successful potty routine.

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