What Are Some Reasons Why People Are Offended by Breastfeeding Pictures?


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Some people are offended by breastfeeding pictures because of a belief that breasts are sexual and should be covered when feeding babies. Others believe that women are trying to be exhibitioners about their bodies and use their babies as an excuse for public exposure without the legal ramifications.

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The porn industry and baby formula both have had dramatic effects on the way women's bodies, especially breasts, are viewed. Before formula, the only method of feeding a baby was breastfeeding. This was a normal occurrence, and it didn't occur to the general public to be offended by a woman feeding her baby. Once formula was introduced, a method of feeding babies was available that was devoid of any bodily exposure. As formula gained popularity and became the accepted standard by which babies were fed in the 1970s and 80s, exposure to breastfeeding was very limited. Middle class and up families formula-fed for the status it conveyed, while poorer mothers were forced to breastfeed.

During that same time period, the porn industry boomed, and women's bodies became much more sexualized, especially breasts. Over time, seeing exposed breasts was more common in a porn magazine than in public with a breastfeeding mom. Breastfeeding in public fell out of norm, and those who chose to breastfeed were accused of intentional indecency.

When many people grow up never seeing or experiencing breastfeeding but seeing and experiencing pornography, especially with the rise of the Internet, sexualization of breasts, and not function of the breast, becomes the norm. Thus, people are offended by women who breastfeed in public.

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