How Do You Raise a Large Family?

How Do You Raise a Large Family?

Organization is key to raising a large family, according to New York Daily News. Creating a daily schedule for parents and children ensures necessary tasks are completed with time to spare.

New York Daily News also recommends setting a budget for household expenses and savings. A family budget typically includes clothing, food and household expenses, such as rent, in addition to savings for special events.

BabyCenter recommends multi-tasking to ensure tasks are completed on schedule. For example, cleaning the kitchen while cooking a meal reduces the amount of time needed to maintain the household on a daily basis. Meal planning is also recommended for large families. Create a master meal plan once a month, then shop for necessary ingredients weekly. Fresh produce and perishable items, such as milk, can be picked up as needed.

Create a daily chore chart for children old enough to perform basic tasks, such as making the bed, and stick to a schedule to complete tasks on time. Chore charts can be customized to meet the specific abilities of each child in the family.

Set aside a portion of the day for spending one-on-one time with each child in the home. For instance, one child can spend time with a parent in the morning before breakfast, while another has scheduled, individual time with a parent at bedtime. Each parent can also schedule one afternoon or evening a week to enjoy a hobby alone.