How Do You Raise Children Without TV?


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Raise children without TV by turning off the screen and finding other ways to spend time and interact as a family. Trips, game nights and discussion time can all take the place of time spent in front of the TV.

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Spend time together. Read as a family, bake or cook together, build a fort in the living room or work on crafts. Almost anything can be turned into a family activity or be used as one-on-one time with kids. When the TV is not blaring and distracting kids, they often turn to each other — or their mom and dad — to find a way to occupy themselves.

Interact with each other and talk about the day's events. Play games or take a walk together. Instead of watching TV on Saturday mornings, start a new family tradition of taking a family hike or picnic together. Doing these things helps parents to raise kids who can interact with others, not just mindlessly watch a screen.

Utilize the time that was spent in front of the screen to do something. Go to the library, help the kids find a new hobby or volunteer as a family. Teach kids that the world offers many things and many opportunities beyond the TV.

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