What Questions Should Be Asked When Hiring a Nanny?


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According to Baby Center, parents interviewing a nanny should ask about experience and training and for examples of childcare methods. Baby Center recommends asking for references from previous employers.

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What Questions Should Be Asked When Hiring a Nanny?
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Baby Center states that most potential nannies won't have a resume. To determine the accuracy of the information provided by the candidate, contact previous employers. Parents may want to ask if the nanny cared for sick children appropriately or was compassionate with children. Baby Center recommends asking the nanny why she has chosen the position and what her long term career goals are.

Baby Center advises hiring a nanny with similar parenting philosophies as those used in the household to provide consistent care for children. Discuss what happens when children don't follow instructions, for example, to determine if the nanny's disciplinary tactics are similar to those used by the parents.

Pavilion Agency recommends asking the nanny if there are any outside activities that may limit their ability to care for children. For instance, a nanny attending college may need to have specific days off to attend classes. Discussing payment terms, bonuses and scheduled breaks, such as summer vacation, is advised to avoid confusion later. Pavilion Agency also recommends discussing specific duties early in the interview. Parents should know whether the nanny will cook or provide other services before choosing a candidate.

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