What Questions Should You Ask Home Daycare Providers?


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Before leaving a child in a home daycare facility, ask about licenses, accreditation, enrollment numbers, space availability, cost, hours and policies, according to BabyCenter. By asking all the necessary information upfront, problems and misunderstandings are avoided, and the parent is able to ensure their child is getting quality care.

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Ask questions about the business structure, such as how long the provider has been in business, what certifications or additional training they hold and whether or not they have a state license, according to BabyCenter. Find out the number of children enrolled in the center, as well as if there is room available. If not, find out how long the waiting list is. Determine the hours of the center, holiday schedule and the flexibility of drop-off and pick-up times.

Along with finding out general fees, ask if there are sibling discounts or scholarship opportunities, whether or not payment is required when on vacation or sick and how billing works. Determine if supplies such as diapers and wipes are included in the fee or if the parent supplies them, as well as if there are any other supplies needed. Ask about expectations from parents, if parents can visit the center during hours and the communication procedure with parents.

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