What Questions Do Child Care Enrollment Forms Ask?


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The questions on a child care enrollment form vary depending on the facility, but most day care centers request general contact details for both parents, emergency contact information and information regarding the child's medical history prior to enrollment. Questions about intended payment methods, planned arrival and departure times, and the child's habits and current routine also appear on many enrollment forms.

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A basic enrollment form generally asks for the child's name, age and birth date, as well as his preferred name, his parents' names and the address where he resides. The form also includes space for home phone numbers, cell numbers and work numbers of both parents, and it generally requests similar details for at least two emergency contacts along with any individuals authorized to pick up the child.

Medical questions may ask for details about the child's existing medical conditions, required medications, special needs and known allergies. Most enrollment forms request the name and telephone number of the child's pediatrician, and some ask about common childhood ailments such as chicken pox, frequent ear infections and eczema. Lengthier child care enrollment forms often include more personal questions about the child, such as food dislikes, favorite toys, sleeping patterns, bathroom habits or previous traumatic experiences.

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