How Do You Pursue an Adoption in Houston, Texas?

How Do You Pursue an Adoption in Houston, Texas?

To pursue an adoption in Houston, complete an application, agree to a home evaluation, attend free training and pay costs that are relevant to the process. To be eligible, the adopting parent must be 21 years old or older, financially stable and show a sense of maturity, notes AdoptUSKids.

To find out more about adoption in Houston, contact the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at (817) 792-4418. The following are the steps involved in the adoption process of Houston.

  1. Complete an application
  2. Pay a visit to the local Department of Family and Protective Services. Inquire for the application package and complete it accurately. Ask the staff for assistance if anything seems confusing.

  3. Agree to a home study
  4. Allow the local department to send experts to the home for a home study. The visit should ideally be arranged when all members of the family are available. The experts will inspect the home and gauge its suitability to host a new member of the family.

  5. Attend a training
  6. Attend the 14-hour training in which issues of child neglect and abuse are discussed. The training allows assessors to determine various issues and match the adopting family to a suitable child.

  7. Get approved
  8. After evaluation of all issues, including criminal background, the state department will approve the application and a child will be allowed to stay with the new family.