What Is the Purpose of a Letter of Reference for Potential Adoptive Parents?


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A letter of reference for potential adoptive parents ensures that the adoptive parents are able to take good care of the child, according to the Adoption Law Firm. The letter should be written by an objective person who is not related to the couple and include a few statements as to why the couple are good prospective parents.

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According to the Adoption Law Firm, a reference letter is part of the general home study performed by a representative from the adoption service with which the couple registered. The home study determines whether or not a couple is able to adequately care for a child. Preferably, the letter is written by someone unrelated to the couple who can share an objective opinion about them.

A basic reference letter includes a few statements, such as how long the reference has known the couple and his or her relationship to both people, a description of the couple's attributes that would make both people suitable parents, and knowledge of any hindrances or any history of abuse that would get in the way of the couple's parenting. The last sentence of the letter is usually a statement or declaration of support for the parents to adopt. Referral writers should not worry about what the agency wants to hear. Instead, they should write honestly about their personal experiences with the potential parents.

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