What Is the Purpose of a Day Care Nursery?

The purpose of day care nurseries is to offer various services to toddlers and children whose parents are occupied during the day. The services provided include education, play, meals, rest, discipline and care. Children are cared for by trained professionals who are not their legal guardians nor related to them in any way. Child day care can also be provided in the baby?s own home.

Childcare in a home is traditionally performed by a nanny. Employers may offer nursery services for their workers at the workplace or in the nearest location. Day care nurseries are formal structures that offer education, child development services, discipline and preschool education. In some countries, day care nurseries are required to follow a provided curriculum guideline.

Day care nurseries are equipped with special learning and playing facilities for children. Babies and children play and enjoy games together. Well-trained day care providers know which games are appropriate for children of a given age.

The wealth of services offered by day care nurseries are crucial in a child?s development. Children are exposed to numerous learning opportunities, such as painting, singing and dancing. Children engage in creative activities and also enjoy free play time with other children. Caregivers in adequately staffed nurseries offer individual attention to children, which greatly contributes to the child?s emotional and physical growth.