What Are the Pros and Cons of Open Adoption Versus Closed Adoption?


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A closed adoption means there is no contact between the birth and adoptive parents before or after the adoption. In open adoptions, the birth and adoptive parents develop a personal relationship and communicate on a consistent basis. Closed adoptions allow adoptive parents the security of privacy from the birth parents. Open adoptions remove the mystery from the process and allow both sets of parents to make more informed decisions.

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Many years ago, closed adoptions were common place, but today, open adoptions are the preferred process for adoptive and birth parents. Nowadays, closed adoptions occur rarely in the United States but are still common outside of the country. When adoptions are closed, the information regarding the adoption is sealed and in most cases can only be divulged by court order. In closed adoptions, even if the adoptive and birth parents have met, they do not keep in touch. Oftentimes, the children in closed adoptions may not know they have been adopted, and if so, they aren't likely to know the birth parents. The open door process allows adoptive parents to answer questions the child may have concerning the adoption and birth parents. This helps the child to better understand why he was adopted.

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