What Are the Pros and Cons of International Adoption?

pros-cons-international-adoption Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One advantage of international adoption is that the child is being removed from a hopeless situation to grow up in a country where the standard of living is greater. However, adoption laws in foreign countries can sometimes be very vague. As such, there may be gaps in the law, according to Wikipedia. Additionally, there are often language and cultural barriers for the child to deal with.

International adoption can be a controversial issue due to some negative consequences. Despite this, international adoption offers the chance for a child who is orphaned or has few prospects the chance of a better life. At the same time, foreign governments do not have to support international adopted children through internal means, such as welfare.

Disadvantages to international adoption include unnecessary travel and long wait times, according to About.com. During the adoption process, documents may need to be signed in the foreign country. This may require multiple trips lasting up to a month at a time, and this is a significant disadvantage to those who cannot afford to be off work for such long stretches. The process of international adoption can be strenuous and time-consuming due to the amount of paperwork required. There are also infrequent occasions in which international adoptions are temporarily banned, which possibly leaves applications on hold indefinitely.