How Do You Promote Social and Emotional Development of Toddlers?


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Parents can help to promote the emotional development of toddlers by helping them find appropriate ways to express their emotions and the language to label them. Parents can also model healthy emotional behavior and read books about feelings with their children, according to the University of Alabama Parenting Assistance Line. Parents can help their toddlers with social development by encouraging self-esteem, building problem solving skills, encouraging exploration, and modeling appropriate social behavior, reports The Science of Learning Blog.

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Every child is unique, but a toddler's behavior depends largely on his development stage as well as his temperament, explains the University of Alabama Parenting Assistance Line. Emotional development is important because it lays the groundwork for social development, helps a child develop empathy and may help him perform better in school. Parents can promote growth in this area by helping their children understand their emotions and deal with them constructively. For example, after a tantrum, parents can walk their toddler through why they think the child became angry and help to talk about better ways to resolve the issue.

Playtime gives parents a great opportunity to help their children develop social skills, according to the Science of Learning. It's a fun way to build relationships and learn skills such as sharing, compromise and problem solving.

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