How Do You Procure Adoption Records?


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Individuals may procure adoption records by first carrying out personal research and petitioning the courts for permission to access sealed records. Different states may have varied procedures on how to obtain adoption records, according to Find My Past.

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In most states, once adoption has been formalized the records are sealed, notes Find My Past. Most states do not disclose the names of the people involved in the adoption process. To procure adoption records, do the following:

  1. Talk to members of the family
  2. Talking to each member of the family regarding the need to obtain adoption records is quite important. This gives everyone an opportunity to deal with their emotions before the search for the records begins. It is also a good way to obtain helpful information that may make procuring the records easier.

  3. Research on the Internet
  4. Various states have online resources to assist those who are seeking to obtain adoption records. Use such resources to learn more about the laws of the state regarding these records and make any inquiries that may help in finding the right information. If adoption records are not sealed, it is possible to find them through these online resources. Medical records, orphanages and law firms may be good sources of information.

  5. Make a court petition
  6. In case adoption records are sealed, it may be necessary to file a petition and give strong reasons for the courts to allow access to them.

  7. Prepare for any outcome
  8. While it is a good idea to hope for the best, it is equally important to be prepared for any outcome. Some searches may be fruitful while others may not.

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