How Does the Process of Adoption Work?

process-adoption-work Credit: gradyreese/Vetta/Getty Images

The process of adoption involves deciding if adoption is the right option, creating an adoption plan, finding a children's home or an adoptive family, contacting an adoption agency, knowing the adoptive family, getting legal help if necessary and acquiring final documentation. Adoption is a long process that demands a lot of preparation. It is vital to understand the adoption laws prior to embarking on the adoption process.

Making a decision as to whether or not adoption is the best option is the most important step. Both partners must reach an agreement on what is best for them. A couple can then create an adoption plan that takes their best interests into account.

A couple may contact adoption agencies who can help with finding an adoptive family, or a couple may visit a children's home. It is the duty of the couple to choose a child who is a good fit for the family. Talk to the biological parents of the child to reach an agreement and involve an attorney if necessary. In the presence of a lawyer, a couple is able to sign the necessary documentation and take the child. A couple may seek help from adoption agencies, hospitals, religious groups and colleges to prepare for the adoption.