What Free Printable Activities Are Available for Childcare Centers and Daycares?


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Free printable activities available for child care centers and day care locations include classification, memory and sequence games; beginning math, science and language arts activities; and fine motor skills practice. Classification printables help kids work on visual discrimination and problem solving. Typically, the child indicates which member of a group does not belong. For instance, an elephant does not fit with pets such as a dog, cat and guinea pig.

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For memory activities, teachers cut out matching pictures from printable pages. After placing the pictures face down, the children take turns flipping them over, trying to find two that are the same. If there is no match, the cards are returned to their original places. Throughout the game, kids try to remember the positions of pictures they have seen.

Sequencing worksheets challenge children to place pictures in a logical order. For instance, a plant's life begins with sowing seeds and ends with a full-grown plant.

Early math activity pages include naming shapes, learning numbers, counting and identifying order. Science printables sometimes cover seasons, weather and colors. Language arts worksheets help kids learn the alphabet, identify rhyming words and recognize simple words.

Child care and day care canters sometimes use printables to help kids practice skills such as using scissors and tracing. Coloring pages also help with fine motor control.

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